In original writing, the learners express their own feelings and ideas through writing. Original writing is NOT taking dictation from the teacher. Original writing is NOT copying model essays or letters from the blackboard or textbooks.

In original writing, the children learn various ways to communicate ideas and express themselves. The write stories, poems or essays. They write post card messages, notes, shopping lists, letters and reports.

Basic Principles

  1. Give opportunities in class for children to do original writing. Add periods to your weekly timetable for this kind of writing.
  2. Begin teaching original writing as soon as children are able to use pencils and as soon as they learn some English. Children can begin original writing before they master spelling grammar, punctuation etc.


Don’t stop a child doing original writing. The writing he will do may have spelling and grammatical mistakes and perhaps the handwriting may be awful but the child is thinking and expressing his own ideas. So, let him do!