The secret of Meera’s stolen watch has been revealed by the driver of her would-be father-in-law whereas the watch was not stolen.

According to the driver Rafique, Meera phoned on February 21, 2012 and informed him that her watch worth of 2 million rupees was stolen in which various diamonds were fixed whereas the watch was to be given as a gift to her fiancé, captain Naveed Perwaiz son of Raja Perwaiz.

He added that Meera’s fiancé Naveed immediately went to her home where she was weeping bitterly. Captain Naveed contacted to police forthwith in this regard. Meanwhile, the guard of Meera’s would-be father in law investigated about the watch and asked Meera’s servant, Yousaf. The servant admitted that he stole the watch and recovered the watch from a bag in Meera’s home.

When the guard, driver and captain Naveed went to his father’s home along with the watch and Yousaf, Meera asked them to leave the servant as she would fire him from his job.

The driver further said that after the incident Raja Pervaiz went to London and captain Naveed went to Bangladesh whereas he was ordered to live with Meera along with a car at home.

He added that Meera on Friday said him to bring her to Lalik Chowk defense as she was going to Islamabad. When they reached the chowk, Meera phoned someone and the same thief and servant of Meera’s home, Yousaf came and Meera along with Yousaf departed for Islamabad. The driver said he immediately informed to Raja Pervaiz about the incident.

Meera’s would-be father in law said that Meera should be given pride of performance on her deceit.  It is noticeable that Meera is already alleged to be the wife of Ateeq, resident of Faisalabad whereas her new marriage has been put at a risk after her cheating.